31 December 2008

$in-gapore Plastic Women

$in Log, $in date 31/12/2008. Location, $in-gapore. Spotted a hideous-looking alien on a public bus.

It took me just a few glances to confirm that she was indeed a plastic woman. It wasn't long before others who noticed what I was doing joined in to scrutinise her plastic ops. Realising that I had exposed her, she started hugging her boyfriend to show everyone that she was wanted by at least someone.

"See? This fatso loves me!"

The fact is, even that fatso didn't show much interest - He simply forced himself to smile.

Plastic face - S$10,000 - S$100,000
Plastic breasts - S$5,000 - S$10,000
Sex change - S$1,000 - S$10,000 in Thailand, much more in the U.S.
Full body made by G-d - Priceless!

My American, Australian, British, Chinese, European and Hong Kong brothers, be warned. If you happen to be in $in-gapore at this moment, please do not drink and look at girls. Be sober and vigilant, for droves of $in-gapore plastic women and Ah kuas walk about like zombies, seeking whom they may devour.

Drinking won't change the Truth.

As for me, the Truth never departs from me. I hate saying this over and over but, "$in-gapore girls are ugly, even when I'm drunk!"

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