30 October 2008


Reading about how Sydney police arrested a bisexual pervert over the repeated sexual assault of three young Chinese women and a Korean man reminds me of an incident that happened in Australia where I was doing my university degree.

Two burglars broke into my rented apartment through the balcony on one New Year's Eve, while I was watching TV. My Chinese-Japanese ex-boyfriend (also from Hong Kong) was sleeping in one of the rooms, but they probably thought that I was alone, since only the living room was lighted. As soon as they spotted me, their eyes lit up. I was simply too shocked to run or scream at that moment. Extra saliva juiced up in their mouths as they took their own sweet time to do a survey of my body, rubbing their hands with glee and mumbling, "Alright..."

It is needless to state what they intended to do. I found my voice and screamed at the top of my lungs. My ex-boyfriend, being a light sleeper, awoke instantaneously and dashed out of the room. He realised quickly what was going on and wasted no time raining punches on those two perverts. Within seconds, the two of them made their way out of my apartment the same way they came in.

Recovering from the shock proved hard, so my ex-boyfriend made some hot coffee and played an episode of Love 2000 (二千年の恋) to calm me down.

As we were watching the Japanese drama, I started touching myself all over, without realising it. The lead actor (Takeshi Kaneshiro 金 城武) was hugging and kissing the lead actress (Nakayama Miho 中山美穂) and I just couldn't help myself! It was only when I sensed that my ex-boyfriend was staring at me that I abruptly stopped. Our eyes met and I was so very afraid that he would leave over my obnoxious actions. Instead he planted a hot kiss on my mouth and we embraced.......Thankfully, we didn't go beyond that. I lay my head on his chest and fell asleep in his arms.

My ex-boyfriend was constantly ridiculed by evil and crazy $in-gapore $luts because he refused to have sex with them. The $in-gaporeans called him gay but I know he isn't. That's because I'm not neither dumb nor evil - I'm a Hong Kong gal! :-)

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Huister said...

OMG, that F(^&$%*%^ messed up. Glad you're ok Wei yee! Definitley if it was someone I knew I would kick the !@#% out of those guys too ~maybe lock one of them in a closet til cops come but that might be hard to do.
You have an awesome blog, keep it up~