01 January 2009

Windows 7, the KDE 3.5 Wannabe?

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Subject: Windows 7, the KDE 3.5 Wannabe?
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 02:12:54 -0500
From: Fred A. Miller
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Is Windows 7 a KDE 3.5 wannabe?

Note: KDE 3.5.x is the very popular Linux desktop present on Linux distributions like openSUSE 11.1 and Mandriva.

The big differences between Windows 7 and Linux are:

1) Linux is MUCH more secure than Windows.

2) Linux is MUCH more affordable than Windows and is ALWAYS available for free!

3) Linux won't plague you with DRM (Digital "Rights" Management -- Microsoft's rights, not yours) dialogs, or steal your personal information and mail it to some corporation headquarters for analysis and/or sale to demographic companies.

4) Linux won't charge you for updates or new releases.

5) Linux won't delay or conceal bugs or security holes because it doesn't have a corporate profit margin to maintain.

6) Linux DOES ALLOW you to legally install a single copy on as many PCs as you own or share that copy with as many family and friends as you want, without charge.

7) Linux DOES allow you to have access to the source code of Linux itself, or any GPL application that runs on Linux. If you have the skill you can edit that software and change it to fit your particular needs. Or, you can hire someone with the skill to make your changes for you.

This is only a partial listing of the rights Linux gives you that Proprietary software takes away from you.

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