07 December 2008

$in-gapore Girls & Their Expensive Plastic Surgeries

Much as I'd like to blame their plastic surgeons, I can't, cos there's a limit to what surgery can do for people who were born looking like hideous monsters.

Oh, the horror...the horror!!! Take a look at one of $in-gapore's most desirable women and you'll know what I mean. $in-gaporeans simply adore plastic dolls! This is $ick!

What about me then? I never bother to apply heavy makeup on a daily basis. I know that $in-gapore girls do - and they still resemble turds! Now, I admit that I do use inexpensive makeup once in a while, but everything about me is natural. Why could I not care less? Because I wasn't born a hideous monster and...
I'm not afraid of growing old because I am. It happens to all of us. Some people try to arrest it with cosmetic surgery. I don't happen to be one of those people. I believe you wear your life the way it has been." -- Robert Redford

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Paul Mohr said...

I agree that a person should just stick with what they have. It is very scary to think that a person could marry a beautiful woman or handsome man and have children that look like something from Alien vs Predator. It is at least deceitful. If this is all they care about, there are some very life like robots. I know some people like this and money is their only measure of life which is pretty sad.