22 March 2010

Enabling Visual Effects on Ubuntu

Fred (a SUSE and openSUSE Linux veteran) has been asking me about Ubuntu for years and this time round he's decided to make a full switch to Ubuntu. Welcome aboard, Fred!

There are two segments in this blog entry. The first segment is technical in nature, while the second concerns politics. I have segregated the two, as some readers have informed me privately that they find the people I mention in my political blog entries highly repulsive, and they feel angry, nauseous or horrified, after reading what I've written.

Anyway, let's move on now.

Here's the technical segment:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Ubuntu.....
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 13:59:39 +0800
From: Wei-Yee Chan
To: Fred A. Miller

Fred A. Miller wrote:

> Below is my Ubuntu desktop on my laptop....10.04 beta 1. Gnome is MUCH
> improved....just might be able to use it.


> Now, how do I get access to set all the eye candy 1 by 1....I can't
> find any such app. to do that.

More likely than not, you'll need to install a proprietary driver.

Click on System - Administration - Hardware drivers. Install the driver
(if any).

After you've done that, click on System - Preferences - Appearance and
select the Visual Effects tab.

Do let me know if that works, but if it doesn't, I won't be able to do a
thing about it.....

> One thing I found that seemed rather ignorant is that you can't have a
> different background in each workspace. Even KDE does that
> now.....again. ;)

Probably, they figured it would take up unnecessary system resources.

> It IS faster than KDE 4.4.*, by the way.

Yep! I've been saying all along that Gnome is "lighter" and more
customisable. Like I said, KDE is way too bulky for me.

> My move away from openSUSE has begun.....it'll be a LONG road as there
> are so many systems to get done, but it'll happen over time.
> Fred

Lol. How many more to go? Yea, it's just a matter of time - you'll get
there soon.

And here's the political segment:

I've never received a cent from Fred, he's not of my nationality and he's not of my race either. He had been asking me about this and that for years without ever making a move to switch to Ubuntu. Even if he decides to go back to SUSE, I won't blame him. As long as someone comes to me in good faith, I'm more than willing to help him or her.

So, why do I dish out advice for free without strings attached, but not do likewise for $in-gaporeans? $in-gaporeans will accuse me of suffering from Pinkerton Syndrome, meaning that I favour white Caucasians over Asians. These Linux guru wannabes (trolls) attack, accuse, slander, ridicule, mock and judge just about anyone who disapproves of their behaviours - I simply ignore them.

Let me clarify. Firstly, I don't charge anything for giving simple (or at least, it is simple to me) advice. Secondly, I've also helped many Arabs, Chinese, Indians (mostly Southern ones), Israelis, Indonesians and Malaysians. Why, surely these people aren't Caucasian! But most importantly, I know that Fred goes around homes helping people to install Linux on their computers. In other words, he contributes a lot to the Linux community.

In contrast, what do $in-gaporeans do with whatever little knowledge they've learned? They show off and attack others on forums - they even resort to calling the resident gurus idiots and liars! But hey, I don't mind if they want to make a fool out of themselves under the cloak of anonymity, as long as they don't do it in my name, by misquoting what I've said or making things up.

Wow! Well done! Way to go trolls! Now, stop wasting my time, cos when you waste my time, many people won't be able to use Linux!

Fellas, watch out for these trolls! Remember, if you're following the $in-gaporeans, you're not on the stairway to learning Linux, but you're taking a great leap forward towards hopeless idiocy and insanity.


The Uniquely Japanese Ubuntu Spirit

The Uniquely $in-gapore Ubuntu eXPerience

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