23 March 2010

Advanced Ubuntu Desktop Effects

Instructions on how to enable advanced customisation of Ubuntu desktop effects highlighted in red.

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Subject: Re: Ubuntu.....
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 12:28:41 +0800
From: Wei-Yee Chan
To: Fred A. Miller

Fred A. Miller wrote:

> There ISN'T a proprietary driver for Intel chipsets.....they released
> all the code.

Oh ok, I wasn't aware of that cos I don't have any Intel hardware anymore.

> Yes.....but in KDE you have ALL KINDS of individual settings.

That's what I hate about KDE. Here's why I love Gnome: Install
compizconfig-settings-manager and you'll be able to adjust whatever you want.

After you've installed the package, click on System - Preferences and
select CompizConfig Settings Manager.

> I need to know where the repositories are.....NOT the ones Ubuntu
> tells me about, but others.....like to get all the multimedia stuff
> that I can't find to avoid DRM, etc. problems.

Ok, I've got a simple solution. Start up synaptic, click on Settings -
Repositories. You'll see two tabs: Ubuntu Software and Other Software.
Check all the repositories (except the source codes).

*Don't* mess with the Updates tab. Someone checked "Pre-released
updates" and his system went down. *Rotfl*

>> Yea, I know what you mean - it's a harsh reality of life. Well,
>> Ubuntu is still going strong, so no worries - at least for the meantime.
> And WON'T be as long as there isn't any stock or very little to buy.

Yea, that'll keep the big bullies away. :-)

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