24 March 2010

Free Drinks

Free flow of drinks? Why, that's very tempting, but I will not be attending, cos I will be home, helping my fellow Linux brothers.

$in-gapore $luts will jump at the chance but it's just too bad cos they're not invited. They're way too ugly and old-looking. *Lol*

These closet binge drinkers accuse me of being an alcoholic (they made it all up), but they can't explain why my mind is as clear as a meditation guru's, while theirs is clouded with fear and deep hatred. They perform little or no work at the workplace. Instead, they go around politicking and spreading lies about those who're actually performing the work. When they're not binge drinking, they're busy eating excessively and shopping beyond their credit limits. It is obvious what excessive drinking can do to one's mental health and character. Is there any wonder why the $in-gapore government welcomes foreign labour with open arms?

Lazy, dumb, ugly and evil - Nobody likes these leeches.

Gals, follow me. Don't you ever take $in-gapore $luts as your role models (1 Corinthians 11:1). Remember, if you're following the $in-gapore $luts, your not on the stairway to Heaven, but you're on the highway to Hell.

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