20 January 2010

I Am Legend

I keep wondering why the Lord hasn't ended my miserable life. As "prophesied" by my mother, the "lightning god" was supposed to have struck me to death. Then it occurred to me that perhaps I haven't done what I'm supposed to do. Perhaps there's one last worthy message that I need to deliver? Well, let me have another go at it....

There's this pervert on Ebay $in-gapore who keeps harassing females. He has no intention whatsoever to buy, but he's just getting thrills out of being scolded by them.

I was told by one of his victims that he was physically abused by his mother (probably with a bra) when he was a kid. Now that his mother is gone, he's trying to find ways to have people verbally abuse him, as that would remind him of his childhood trauma, which he has grown attached to.

In my experience, such accursed people often desire for someone else to carry on their legacy.

Merely harassing people on the net isn't all that bad, but the thing is, he may influence his wife into physically abusing their son with bras. The thing about living with demonS-possessed people (Luke 8:30) is, the longer you live with them, the more likely it is that you'll become possessed. Your spiritual immunity simply wears off over time. It'll only be a matter of time before his wife gives in.

As I speak, I fear that one of my nephews may have become the latest victim of my paedophile mother and sister with the latter's evil mind-control techniques. Unbelievable? Not so, if you have full understanding of one characteristic they share, which is the obsession with proving that they're right, even when they're wrong.

How did they "prove" that I was "dumb and clumsy"? Have my sister fondle my nipples and crotch when I was pouring hot water into a vacuum flask or doing other dangerous tasks. As a result of their sickness, I scalded myself on many occasions. There's really no reason why they wouldn't create another me (my nephew), just to "prove" that my seemingly abnormal reactions in their presence was not due to their sick doings, but "genetically inherited".

When one commits one sin after another in order to cover up another sin, it doesn't take long for skeletons to pile up in the closet.

Their obsession with proving themselves right all the time is worsened by another characteristic - their fondness of picking on fights and getting into arguments with others. Two and twelve are seemingly small numbers, but anyone with basic mathematical knowledge will know that 2 to the power of 12 yields 4,096. Apparently, two "brilliant geniuses" in my family still do not have a clue why the result could be so much more than 2 or 12, or how they ended up with so many skeletons in the closet.

To top it up, they suffer from a delusion that they have a reset button in their hands which resets all their wrongdoings. According to them, it's taboo to mention anything from the past. Once you mention anything from the past, they'll hit their imaginary reset button. Yet, ever so often, they feel privileged to conjure their distorted version of the past to use it against others. For instance, my sister will claim that I jabbed her arm with a pencil when I was a few years old, which is is true, but not the truth. What she conveniently "forgot" to mention was that it was a response to her sexually perverted acts. At that time, my perverted mother convinced me to accept those sick acts as the norm. As I was still young and naive, I believed in what I told. I was also made to believe that my father and his relatives were all out to harm me.

To my mother and sister, right and wrong are relative. It is not so in my case, which explains why I didn't turn into the likes of my mother and sister, who are sexually obsessed with the nipples and crotches of little children - and yes, even stuffed toys! My...oh my....my mother's ancestors must have done tons of evil things (Exodus 20:5).

People who have come to accept what is wrong as right are in my mother's definition, "strong-minded" people (she'll give you a pat on the back for agreeing with everything she says and does), provided of course, the wrong is committed by herself or people who are endorsed by her. If anyone else does anything remotely close to what they do, it automatically becomes an unpardonable sin. Sounds familiar? Yep, it's uniquely $in-gaporean - "Do as I say, but don't do as I do."

In the case of my mother and sister, they hesitate not to bring in "women's rights" and "Buddhism" to justify their sins. The truth is, even true Buddhists would be shaking their heads in disbelief.

There's a reason why I did not become a partaker of my mother's sick legacy.

"I am legend", certainly not because of my severely flawed genes, but because I recognised sin for what it was and fought against it (Ephesians 6:12). One word says it all - Election.

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