29 March 2009

Why "Strong-minded" People Do Not Worship God

I'll use my incestuous paedophile mother and sister as perfect examples. They go around instructing people on how to be "strong-minded" like them.

Some common characteristics of "strong-minded" people:

Hypocritical. They have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. They spend huge amounts of time and effort to convince others that everything about them is wonderful, but behind closed doors, they are physically and emotionally abusive.

They can become gods. They believe they can "improve" themselves to be like (even surpass) God. They always believe that they're right. As a child, when I protested against my sister's sexual abuse, my mother retorted with, "What's wrong with touching a little!?! Your sister is number 1 in school, you know?!?! You tell me that when you become no. 1 in school!!!" Wow, scoring no. 1 in school makes you a paedophile god - Study hard.

Whatever they do is righteous and justifiable. According to my mother, lightning would strike me if I revealed to others what she and my sister did. Wow, even the "lightning god" takes orders from her.

Bending reality to suit themselves. As the years passed, I developed some adverse reactions whenever my sister was present. Again, according to my mother, I was abnormal - the sexual abuse was perfectly normal - I was nuts - That's that.

Unrepentant. I was sexually-abused up to the age of 16. My mother is now extremely upset that she's no longer getting any sexual gratification from seeing my sister abusing me. Now, she has to resort to reminding me of the sexual abuse, which does give her a little sexual gratification. My sister now gets her sexual gratification by deliberately mispronouncing words to such that they sound like the weird noises that she made when she was sexually abusing me.

Why do these people behave the way they do? It all boils down to demonic-possession caused by a high view of themselves and a low view of God. This is a common trait of $in-gaporeans, including the self-professing Christians, as any belief they may have in God is but demon faith, at best. These people are ideal partners of demons. Does that leave any doubt why demons choose to possess them?

Much like the way they deny their evil acts, they deny the existence of God. The thought of having a higher power watching their every move freaks them out.

The question above is best answered with another question: Why should God-damned people believe in God if they're already damned?

Despite the abuse, I did not grow up to become a paedophile myself. I have a "weak mind" and I thank God for that.

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Kevin said...

I'm sorry to hear about your past. But the plus point is that it made you a stronger person. Don't let it hinder you. :)