20 January 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

It's been a year, but I have only just learned that another $in-gapore maniac "health guru" that I know had kicked the bucket, supposedly of a heart failure. Note that this is not one of those $in-gapore demon-possessed closet binge drinkers who accuse me of drunkenness. 30 is really a very young age to die, considering that she exercised everyday, didn't smoke tobacco or drink...etc. And unlike me, she was not subjected to extreme stress caused by childhood and adolescent sexual abuse.

Well, apparently her healthy lifestyle comprising of taking "healthy" canola/sunflower/whatever oil, eating only pure vegetarian food, drinking reverse osmosis water, wearing "magical" crystals, doing yoga, meditating...blah...blah...blah...didn't work.

Unknown to many of these "health gurus", many of their "health" practices are actually far riskier and more harmful than smoking or excessive drinking! That's the reason why so many $in-gaporeans in their prime years fall dead "without reason".

Should I as a Christian, not be shoving the truth down their throats, since it's a matter of life and death? Well, no. I'm sick and tired of having to repeat myself over and over. Nowadays, I'll only say it once or twice. You see, these people are too entrenched in their so-called new-age beliefs to realise what reality is. Since they will settle for nothing less than expensive foods, tonics, "magical" items and costly gym memberships, so be it.

To put it matter-of-factly, if God had wanted them to know, He wouldn't have made them pelt rocks at me for saying "stupid and insane" things.

The same applies to the Gospel, in which case, is a matter of spiritual life or death. I'd walk a thousand miles to look for a lost sheep that belongs to my Lord, but not one that doesn't.

What is the secret that I know? It's something that you don't need to know.

Just stop asking dumb questions, keep your big mouths shut and obey your master, Satan.

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