21 January 2010

Dirty China Monk?

This Gary ass is a real loser - even whores refuse to talk to him. Rosalind Tan is another loser who envies whores.

Two words: Uniquely $in-gaporean.

The whores were offering him food out of kindness and goodwill. Even monks have to eat, damnit! My...my...$in-gaporeans certainly have filthy minds and mouths. It is most ironic, for the people who are doomed to eternal damnation (because of their moral bankruptcy) are constantly passing moral judgements on others. Would I (or anyone for that matter) be concerned about what $in-gaporeans think of me?

Many $in-gaporeans call themselves "staunch Buddhists" when they have no formal training in Buddhism. Whatever informal training they'd received comprises of courses run by dubious characters and conducting non-Buddhist black magic rituals. They claim to do heavy meditation (usually under the influence of alcohol and drugs) in hopes of attaining psychic powers to bring them wealth and satisfy their lust, which of course, explains why their minds are filled to the brim with demons. These demons are responsible for causing $in-gaporeans to display a whole range of serious psychiatric disorders.

Now, is there any wonder why free speech and democracy aren't good for $in-gapore?

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