18 November 2009

My "Tiger" Modem-Router

*Ahem*...Thai girl modem-router, I mean.

$in-gaporeans (especially the ones who failed to get me to sell this modem to them for S$30 and below) will curse and swear at me if they know that I'm using it now. :-)

They'll call me shameless for using something that belonged to a whore. Whatever happened to "Judge not, that ye be not judged", which they use ever so often to defend their countless $ins???

Ironically, these are the very people who surf porn sites, watch porn DVDs 24/7, visit prostitutes, patronise sex bars and have affairs behind their wives' and girlfriends' back. They are what Jesus would call, "white-washed coffins".

Many claim that the Bible is irrelevant in today's world, when in fact, nothing could be more relevant!

You can find the whore here: Luke 7:36-50

You can also find $in-gaporeans here: Matthew 23:27-28 and this is their fate: Matthew 23:33.

As King Solomon put it, there's nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

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