05 December 2009

Why $in-gaporean $luts Hate Me

Me: $in-gapore $luts use voodoo to cloud the minds of retards. It's all fake!!!!

$in-gapore $luts: How the hell do you know that?!?!

Me: Because I'm a genius! :P Now, who's the Man, huh?!?!
Who's the Man?!?!

$in-gapore $luts hate me because I can see through their lies and deception.

Ugly on the outside, totally rotten inside. The horror...the horror...

Wait a minute....Don't Japanese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese babes do that too? Yes, they certainly do, but I like what I see when I see through their makeup.


$in-gapore $lut - Before & After Photo

$in-gapore Plastic Women

$in-gapore Girls & Their Expensive Plastic Surgeries

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