01 December 2009

Superior Genes vs Serpent Genes


Damned $in-gapore genes + Damned $in-gapore serpent genes = Made in Hell. The horror....the horror!!!

Lousy genes + Damned $in-gapore serpent genes = Alien vs predator. The horror....the horror!!!

Lousy genes + Superior genes = Hope

A forked tongue seems to be missing in the first photo. It's a software bug, I think, cos there should have been a gigantic forked tongue sticking out of that thing's mouth.

The moral of the story is obvious - never choose "Made in $in-gapore". Remember, if you're with the $in-gaporeans, you're not on the path to Heaven, but you're on the highway to Hell.

PS: Ayumi, will ya marry me?

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