12 May 2009

$in-gaporean Jailed for Raping Chinese National

(Not actual photo - for illustrative purposes only)

On June 2, the victim went to her balcony to check if her laundry had dried. She saw the creep standing on his balcony with only a towel wrapped around his lower body, waving to her and saying, "Oei, oei."

As she did not understand his $inglish, she replied with, "No, no," and went back to her room.

Later in the afternoon, when the victim opened her room door to go out for lunch, Mahendran dragged her into his room, forced himself upon her and proceeded to rape her.

I have come to learn that $in-gaporean perverts hardly prey on $in-gapore girls because of their ugliness.

My advice to all you pretty girls out there: Avoid $in-gapore like the plague.

For a safe, enjoyable and trouble-free holiday in Asia, come to Hong Kong, The Pearl of Asia; Hong Kong - The home of Wei-Yee Chan. :-)


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