12 May 2008

Violent $in-gaporean Barbarians Strike Again

A $in-gaporean and her Hong Kong and Malaysian friends, for no reason whatsoever, got assaulted by two trouble-making $in-gaporeans.

"One ended up in hospital for concussion, some had stitches and some had bruises. I believe this case will remain unresolved as the culprits ran away."

Well done, $in-gaporeans! You have once again proven yourselves to be racist, violent and unreasonable barbarians.

Still wondering why we Chinese built the Great Wall of China? Still don't believe in Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule?

For a safe and trouble-free holiday in Asia, come to Hong Kong, The Pearl of Asia; Hong Kong - The home of Wei-Yee Chan. :-)


Two Tourists Assaulted by $in-gaporeans, Criminally Intimidated and Forcefully Detained

Two Japanese Tourists Gang-raped In Agra

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