17 November 2007

Two Tourists Assaulted by $in-gaporeans, Criminally Intimidated and Forcefully Detained

Barely weeks after an American was assaulted (without any cause) by a gang of $in-gapore bouncers employed by a club and a crowd of $in-gaporeans, two innocent tourists were assaulted by some $in-gaporean schoolgirls and a mob. The assault which was started by the schoolgirls, attracted the attention of passers-by who joined in to harass, intimidate and forcefully detain them.

As one can clearly tell from the video (which was ironically uploaded by one of the offenders), the male tourist had tried his best to ignore them, but the $in-gaporeans continued with their racist taunts and barbaric acts.

Where in this world can you get such troubles everyday? Why, $in-gapore, of course! Uniquely $in-gapore! Well done, $in-gaporeans! You have once again proven yourselves to be an unruly and unreasonable lot of barbarians.

Still don't believe in Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule? Well, now I'm totally convinced.

For a safe and trouble-free holiday in Asia, come to Hong Kong, The Pearl of Asia; Hong Kong - The home of Wei-Yee Chan. :-)


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ky said...

not all SIngaporeans are like that what. How can you see the minority as what we are?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude..know your story in FACTS before you spout nonsense on your blog..That lady uni student was physically punch on the face thrice by that caucasian man & his girlfriend while her friend was carried & thrown on the floor.The singaopreans who detained that couple were eye witnesses to the event as it all happened in broad daylight.You can go to " http://www.princess-michie.blogspot.com/ " to know both side of the story. I hope your not suffering from some PINKERTON SYNDROME just cause that BULLY in the video is a white man. Or maybe you'll just an SPG i guess!

$ingaporean said...

your honest and credible journalism is so rare in this world nowadays. thanks for the heads-up for i myself was almost taken in by that bitch.


Tony Kas Semsa Leh said...

Thanks for highlighting the deeds of $in-gaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight WeiYee - we support you.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

>Keep up the fight WeiYee - we
>support you.

Thanks Eddie. :-) It's very reassuring to know that you and your fans are behind me.