27 December 2008

"Males" With Gigantic Boobs!

Have you heard of men with gigantic breasts? Wow! That's gotta be a "world's first"! Thanks to $in-gaporeans, gays can now claim that gayism is genetically inherited.

$in-gapore 'girls' - Tiny/total absence of breasts, flat buttocks, rugged and masculine faces.

$in-gapore 'guys' - Gigantic breasts, huge beer bellies, hairless feminine legs and ugly sissy faces. <--- Can you even call them men?!?! They should be wearing bras! There's little wonder why so many $in-gapore 'males' are turning gay and going after their own sex. Why, the 'men' have bigger breasts than the 'girls'! Perverted foreigners who flock to this cursed land also find the 'lovely legs' of $in-gapore 'men' very sexually arousing! Eeee....yuck!

Oh, the horror....the horror!!!

Hong Kong guys - Flat and muscular stomach, great pecs and a well-chiselled face - all that without any plastic surgery.

Thank G-d for Hong Kong guys!

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