15 June 2007

"Security" Peddlers

Open source: New target of malware?

As long as there is a potential to profit, you will find "security" peddlers pushing their products, even if it means resorting to spreading unwarranted panic or inventing a non-existent problem.



Often, these "experts" claim that security comes in the form of software packages or hardware. Nothing could be further from the truth, as security encompasses a lot more than that. Yes, you could have the most secure operating system, the best security hardware and software that money can buy. Yet, I can assure you, that in the hands of a know-nothing, they'll turn out to be quite useless.

These "security" peddlers are selling the idea that any Tom, Dick or Harry could simply swallow their "magical pill" (software) and enjoy instantaneous total security. Give me a break!

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unwesen said...

Yeah, sad isn't it?

One of my previous jobs was at a company producing a hardened Linux distribution and UTM appliances that run it. The major selling point was the configuration software, which really tried to make things easy and secure.

But even with a pretty user interface, you need SOME idea of what you're doing if you don't want to turn a firewall into an open door.