15 June 2007

Controlling your Linux system processes

All modern operating systems are able to run many programs at the same time. For example, a typical Linux server might include a Web server, an email server, and probably a database service. Each of these programs runs as a separate process. What do you do if one of your services stops working? Here are some handy command-line tools for managing processes:


Frequently, I'll have Firefox freezing on me and using the "force quit" function only makes it disappear from the GUI - it's still running in the background.

What I usually do is access a terminal to kill the application.


unwesen said...

Hooray for killall ;)

Pa-ool said...

Top makes me feel like Neo from the Matrix. Is there a GUI version of top?

Wei-Yee Chan said...

>Top makes me feel like Neo from
>the Matrix. Is there a GUI version
>of top?

You could customise the terminal's colours to suit your tastes if you want. Yea, you could even have transparent or translucent windows if you want to. That'll make the terminal look less intimidating. :-)

With regards to the front-end for top, I'm not too sure, as I always use top.

Now, I've never used Gr_Monitor but it might be what you're looking for.