01 May 2007

What Could Be Worse Than A Noob?

Answer: A whinging and complaining noob.


Honestly, I have nothing against noobs, for I was once one myself. However, a whinging and complaining noob may be a little too much for me to bear.

In my experience, such people almost always do not get very far, so it's best simply to leave them to rot, rather than waste your time engaging them. They'd much rather whinge than to learn new things to improve their OS, which...well.. pretty much explains why they're always encountering loads of problems with their Linux systems.


Apparently, whatever concerns his immediate problems is always "relevant" to Ubuntu and whatever doesn't is deemed irrelevant. One of the reasons why I left the Ubuntu Users list is, with the growing popularity of Ubuntu, there has been a corresponding growth in the number of such whinging noobs. Alas, I fear that Ubuntu's popularity could mean its undoing.



What has the ability to use the basic sort function of an email client have to do with Ubuntu? Absolutely nothing. The sort function is available in every email client that I know of, including M$ Outlook/Outlook Express. Even a Windoze user will know how to sort emails.

People like William Hung aren't so bad when compared to Mr. "CJ".

"CJ", your the best - your the best. Let me guess...U must be from $in-gapore? Lol.

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