03 May 2007

What's "Video Dimensions"?

This was my last post on the Ubuntu Users Maling List, as I have left the list to concentrate on running my new blogs and forums.


Here is a good article that provides some basic understanding of what "video dimensions" is:


A 720 x 480 video will look stretched horizontally if played back on a video player that does not automatically take into account the aspect ratio of the video and resize it accordingly, such as the earlier versions of Totem. As such, it is always a good idea to resize the video to the correct dimensions (640 x 480 - 4:3 aspect ratio) if it's meant solely for computer playback.

However, resizing to 640 x 480 is not applicable for all situations. Some widescreen videos, for instance will need to be resized to other dimensions in order to look right. Then there are also SVCDs, NTSC VCDs, PAL VCSs, so on and so forth. For example, a 352 x 288 PAL VCD video, if not resized to 384 x 288 or 320 x 240, will look stretched vertically.

Therefore, being able to identify the type of video U have on hand is vital to encoding videos correctly.

Lastly, cropping and resizing are two very different things. Cropping is used to take off unwanted edges of a video while resizing involves changes to the dimensions of the video.

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