01 May 2007

Dude, you're getting Ubuntu

"Jane Silber, director of operations for Canonical, says Canonical will be working to certify certain models of Dell computers to ensure that they work with Ubuntu. The two companies are not announcing what models will ship with Ubuntu at this time, but Nick Selby, senior analyst with The 451 Group, says that there will be one notebook and three desktop systems.

Is the average consumer ready for Linux? Selby says that many users wouldn't notice the difference if you sat them down at an Ubuntu machine, but cautions that printing and multimedia are two potential stumbling blocks. He adds that Ubuntu has addressed those problems somewhat in Feisty, but that they are the key areas where he sees Ubuntu as weak with consumers. But he also says that "people are ready to listen" to anyone with something to say about alternatives to Windows.

This isn't Dell's first foray into selling desktop Linux systems. Dell gave Linux a shot on its desktop and notebook machines in the 2000-2001 timeframe with Red Hat, but stopped selling the machines after citing low demand."

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