07 February 2011

amule Causes System Crash

After running amule for some time, there will be high disk activity and then the system will hang.

This problem occurs on both i686 and amd64 architectures, regardless of what desktop environment you use.

It started happening after I set a download limit, under bandwidth.

If you're experiencing the same problem, set the download limit to 0 and you should be fine.


Running amule with download limit set crashes system

aMule is crashing since last Ubuntu update

aMule crashes in kernels 23 and 24


Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips

elmagno said...

Wow,my install was crashing too. The download limit was set to 3K. A slip of my finger when I was temporarily allocating resources, probably, but Bam!, the whole system would freeze after a while. Thanks for the heads up.