25 January 2011

Dell D420 with Compact Flash Card

I managed to replace the slow 4200 RPM hard disk of my Dell D420 with a CompactFlash card and a Secure Digital card just moments ago. The ZIF connector looked intimidating and I'd never handled one before, so I was quite certain that I'd rip the entire cable apart. Lol. But it turned out just fine - removing it was a breeze.

They call this "the poor man's SSD". The dirt cheap components necessary for this upgrade originated from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The root files reside on the CompactFlash card (which has been turned into a hard disk using a Compact Flash to Zero Insertion Force converter) while the home directory resides on the Secure Digital card (the D420 comes with an SD slot).

There's the redundant 4200 RPM hard disk which I'm still wondering what to do with. If I sell it, it could fetch a high price because of its rarity, but I might just want to use it as a removable hard drive with a ZIF hard disk enclosure.

It feels strange....Well, for one, my system is a lot faster now....and I'm not too sure if I really need a laptop cooler pad with fans anymore.....

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