20 August 2010



1. Laptop CPU suction fan salvaged from a spoilt acer laptop which didn't belong to me.
Cost: Free

2. USB socket with wire, salvaged from a spoilt pair of speakers for which I got a full refund.
Cost: Free

3. Some of the excess PTFE Teflon tape left over when I replaced an old leaking tap a year ago.
Cost: Free/negligible

Total cost: $0

Wires twisted into place.

Soldering done to secure the wires.

PTFE Teflon tape added.

I placed this beneath my "Thai Girl HSDPA/3G/UMTS modem" (which usually runs very hot) and it felt really cool to the touch.

Priceless! There are some things in life that money can't buy - like free things. If you buy them with money, then they wouldn't be free anymore. :P

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