19 July 2010

$in-gapore's "Tsunami" (Part III)

As promised, Part III (the sequel to Part II) is here.

Your $in-gapore, Uranus. Always no. 1, the best of the best in this world!

Welcome to Waterworld!!! :-)

PS: What a $inful country!!!


$in-gapore's "Tsunami"

$in-gapore's "Tsunami" (Part II)

The Glorious Beginning: The Flood (Genesis 6 – 9)

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Tyler Durden said...

It's ironic. I was travelling all throughout the land of $ins on a train early in the morning (my longest ride ever, with 16 MRT stations and 7 LRT stations to cover) and wasn't aware of any flood. The remote destination where I landed to collect something wasn't affected by the flood.

Let's see...I was already running late for work cos the train had run slower than usual. I was stuck at the remote destination cos I failed to hail a cab. So then, it was back to riding the train.

Why?!?! Why?!?! Why did all that have to happen to me? So that the bloody $in-gaporeans would feel the full effects of the floods, while I didn't have to get my feet wet. I failed to hail the cab cos it would have been stranded by the floods. Why, I didn't even have to walk on dirty debris cos by the time I arrived, the cleaners had already cleaned it up. Bwahahahaha!!!!

\o/\o/\o/ Praise The Lord!!! \o/\o/\o/