31 January 2010


I've watched this old movie for about 5 times, counting last night.

Waterworld - A new world order, where dirt (earth) and water are treated like platinum.

The hero's (Kevin Costner) bravery, resourcefulness, wits and DIY gadgets are simply awesome!

The storyline revolves around the hero killing $in-gaporean-like villains in a survival of the fittest (and smartest) world, to save a child who bears the key to dry land. But of course, you wouldn't find $in-gaporeans in an environment like Waterworld. Despite being evil and cunning to the core (which is their strong point), they're very susceptible to harsh physical conditions - and they're way too dumb.

While there is a strong Darwinist element in the movie, it's definitely not an inhumane movie, as some critics make it out to be.

Waterworld - a 10/10 movie.

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