05 May 2010

Man Attacked for Not Holding Lift Door

BOSTON (UPI) -- Boston police said two women attacked a man with their fists, feet, purses and a plate of pasta because he neglected to hold an elevator door for them.

Investigators said Kenyana McQuay, 27, and Waltia Funches, 28, told officers Mohammed Warsame "didn't hold the elevator door open as they walked into the building" so "they had to use their fists, their bags and their feet to teach him a lesson," the Boston Herald reported.

Police said Warsame was covered in pasta from a plate of noodles the women dumped on him. He told police he tried to fend them off by throwing bottles of water.

The police report described the suspects as "extremely agitated," "uncooperative" and "verbally abusive toward officers."

McQuay and Funches were both issued summonses to appear in Roxbury District Court to face assault and battery charges.

These two bitches sound very much like $in-gapore $luts to me - impulsive, extremely violent and unreasonable.

The horror...the horror!!!

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Anonymous said...

See them quickly press door close!