22 April 2010

The Original Greenies - Great Depression Survivors

Depression survivors recount memories of not having enough food and not enjoying luxuries. Any meager income they possessed covered rent, food, clothing, electricity, gas and medicine—drive thrus, baked treats, cable, car payment, cell phone, etc. Can you imagine months of no meat, not by choice but by necessity? Families stuck with cheap carbohydrates and veggies to fill bellies—potatoes, pasta, cabbage and carrots. Leaving food on the plate was considered a sin and kids wasted nothing.

Nowadays, we have bogus greenies. $in-gapore happens to be an extreme example of a country infested with such pests.

"I'm so poor!!!! I can't afford the latest iPhone!!! I need the latest Macbook!!! I don't live in a bungalow!!! I can't afford a Ferrari!!! I can't...blah blah blah...."

"I'm so frugal!!! I dump (useful) things into recycling bins all the time!!!"

$ick!!! Two words: Uniquely $in-gaporean.


Anonymous said...

I saw on China Smack a mainland Chinese girl begging on the street to buy a new LV handbag. It is not unique to singapore. Or reports of HK girls giving BJs on a bus for USD25!

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Oh yea? How many did you actually see?

$in-gaporean $luts sell what's between their legs for only S$20. It's not just a few, but a huge number of them.

$in-gaporeans - Always the "best"!!!