19 April 2010

$in-gapore $luts - Mad Men Love Them!

As I always say, no one in his right mind would ever go after ugly and evil $in-gapore $luts.

In $in-gapore though, there seems to be no lack of mentally challenged and deranged fags who are under the delusion that ugly and evil $in-gapore $luts are goddesses.

Two words: Uniquely $in-gaporean. $ick!

A few of my beloved Hong Kong girls had offered me free dinners at posh restaurants, but I had to politely decline due to personal circumstances. My point is, good things can come from anywhere in this world but $ick $in-gapore.


Tyler Durden said...

$g $luts will gei gei treat you to kopitiam but ar buey jia already dio raped liao!!!!

James said...

There's no free lunch in this world.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Correction: There's no free lunch in $in-gapore.