21 March 2010

Kangaroo Scratched and Knocked Jogger Out

Kangaroo assaults jogger without prior provocation.

>He had seen kangaroos box each other before but didn't know they would
>box people.

Well, now he does.

>He said he would not have thrown a punch back if he had
>the chance because of their status as a national symbol, and he
>has no hard feelings against kangaroos.

Ummmm....what have you been smoking, dude? Kick it like a football!!!

Again, the $in-gaporean hypocrites will take advantage of my stance on this to accuse me of being a violent person. But the fact is, not only do they kill and torture animals in $ick ways, they also do likewise to human beings!

Enough said!

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Jim said...

I read an article last year about a hiker in a forest in Eastern Australia who had a group of kangaroos silently surround him an then proceed to kick the shit out of him. Lucky to be alive. Kangaroos can kill dogs by rearing back on their tail and slashing them with hind legs - disembowelling them.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Yep, kangaroos are really dangerous - even those that have been domesticated. Their cute looks can be so deceiving...