05 February 2010

"New" Gadgets

Newly acquired, but they've all been used.

TDK 440N DVD RW drive. I'm putting aside my more advanced external CDROM drive in favour of this ancient one, as I want to save some desk space.

Cooler Master makes great computer casings, but one thing I dislike about them is that they're too sophisticated. In my case, I had to dislodge the entire front panel in order to unscrew the drive bay cover, to insert an internal CDROM.

APC Back-UPS ES 500. I don't really need this, but I guess it'll come in useful when there's a power disruption.

Philips SBC-HP2000 HI-FI Headphones. I've got this hooked up to my Creative Audigy 2 bay. The sound quality is great!


Microsoft Wireless Mouse & Ubuntu

My "Tiger" Modem-Router

Why My Computer Died

Philips Monitor

New Computer System

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