23 January 2010

$in-gapore $pirits

Typical $in-gapore closet binge drinkers.

$in-gapore closet binge drinkers claim that I'm behaving like a hardcore Muslim just because I don't approve of drunkenness, which is dumb, because in Islam, total abstinence from alcohol is mandatory. They also accuse me of being a drunkard.

Wait, aren't the two statements contradictory to each other? How could the same person be making contradictory statements?

The answer is simple. Demon 1 in them made the first assertion - demon 2 made the second. Demon no. 3 then budges in to support the first assertion and it just goes on and on and on.

When one who does not have the Holy Spirit in him consumes alcohol in excess, he automatically opens himself up to spirits of other worlds.

Demonic possession is why $in-gaporeans love to malign others with false accusations and contradict themselves 24/7.

I rest my case.

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