24 January 2010

$in-gapore $oldiers & Char Kway Teow Men

How are they related? Why do Malaysian gals drool at the sight of $in-gapore generals? Read on.....

Me: Wow!!! These $in-gapore generals are sooooooo suave and handsome leh!

Malaysian gals: Eeeeee!!! They look like char kway teow men!!!

Me: Yea, perhaps you've been buying char kway teow from their fathers in $in-gapore all this while. Lol.

$in-gaporean: So, how har, how har? Nice anot (or not) har? Hehe!

Malaysian gals: Go and die lah!!!!!

And that was how I formed the association between the two in my mind.

Only in $in-gapore - Uniquely $in-gaporean.

A word of warning: Don't eat too much of this char kway teow, or you would surely die. What's good food to me is poison to the majority of people out there. Don't ask why.

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1 comment:

Tyler Durden said...

Ang mohs are the best!!!