08 January 2010

Ah Kua or $in-gapore $lut?

While Christians like myself were busy saving lives in the last week of last year, $in-gaporeans were wondering, "Was it an Ah Kua or a $in-gapore $lut who got molested ?"

It's a $in-gapore $lut with a boob job, you stupid! Ah Kua is what comes out of her cheese-filled taco nine months after you've copulated with her.

$in-gapore $luts and Thai Ah kuas generally look alike, although Thai Ah Kuas look a lot better if you do a careful comparison.

Hell, it doesn't make any difference - at least, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not into Ah Kuas and $in-gapore $luts who resemble males.

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