11 December 2009

Natural Beauties??

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Subject: Re: Natural Beauties??
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 09:26:09 +0800
From: Wei-Yee Chan
To: Fred A. Miller

Fred A. Miller wrote:
> */And You Thought They Were Natural Beauties??/** *

Nope, I'd never. But honestly, some of them actually look *a lot*
better without makeup.

You wanna know what real terror is??? Pay $in-gapore a visit - Ugly on
the outside, totally rotten inside. The horror.....the horror....!!!!!!!!

I'm the one with "X-ray eyes" that are sharper than a two-edge sword. They can pierce through makeup that's several inches thick.

Don't I hate Hong Kong babes for attempting to deceive me? No, I forgive them. For one, they're not incorrigible like those wicked $in-gapore $luts!

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