20 September 2009

Unexpected Inconsistency: Run fsck manually

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is still in Alpha.

This is what happens when you sail in uncharted waters:

I applied all of the updates for Karmic Koala and instead of rebooting, the system logged me out, and I was back at the login screen. Neither the mouse nor the keyboard worked anymore, and I assumed it would be alright to simply just hit the reset button - I was wrong.

The hard reboot caused errors on my root and home partitions, and the system could not be booted up. I was presented with a "Unexpected inconsistency: Run fsck manually" error. It was back to the command line.

After spending close to a year in a *hit hole called Fedora, I had become accustomed to the workings of a *hit OS. I call this the typical Fedora experience.

Running fsck on the / and /home partitions solved the problem. :P


Why I Dumped Fedora for Ubuntu


Anonymous said...

Interesting, my expierence was a bit different from that. In my case the box rebooted (manually triggered; no fear there's no windows-like automatic rebooting) after updating it and presented me the 'Unexpected Inconsistency...' message.

After running fsck the box just stucked and did not response to any action anymore.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Oh dear...

Are you able to get to the commandline prompt at this moment? You might still be able to salvage the OS if so.

Remember to fsck all affected partitions. In my case, I couldn't boot up initially, even after I corrected the / because I forgot to fsck my /home.