21 May 2009

$in-gaporeans and Fetishes

Never mind the old uneducated bastards, but I can't ignore how funny it is that the so-called left-wing gay advocates can swing from the extreme left to the extreme right in a matter of seconds. Yep, this could only happen in $in-gapore. It is evident where they stand. Wanna take a shot at me? Make sure you can keep your balance. And in the case of people standing on quicksand, the most logical thing to do is to scream out to people standing on a solid foundation for help - not strike out at them.

It has come to my attention that some $in-gaporean retards are furious over a solution which I have thought up of. Ironically, it's a solution to solve their problems.

Now, I'm not a psychiatrist, but I'm into hacking in the broadest sense (not restricted to things I.T.), that is, getting around problems rather than dealing with them head-on, to ultimately derive a solution.

I have found a solution to fetish for female garments. Instead of expensive medication and psychiatric sessions, why can't we simply satisfy the fetishes of perverts by facilitating the purchase of worn underwear by these people? Some psychiatrists will bolt up and claim that such a simple solution would never work. In their minds, expensive therapies and medication are the only viable options of treatment. This is very much like the mentality of porn-surfing Windoze noobs, who swear that any OS needs to be reinstalled every month or so, when in fact, it is only true if one is a Windoze user and surfs porn 24/7.

I beg to differ. First, consider that the people with these fetishes may not want to change. Secondly, why treat someone if we could eliminate the need for any treatment altogether? Why, it's not as if I was suggesting letting hardcore criminals loose to rape and kill! Quite to the contrary, this solution grants the people with such fetishes instant gratification and most importantly, no harm is done to others. They can happily do whatever they want behind closed doors and girls won't find their underwear missing from clothing lines. In a nutshell, everyone will be happy.

But alas, when you give pearls to pigs, not only will they trample on the pearls, they'll also hurl their dung at you. I call this the uniquely $in-gaporean XP (experience).

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