07 November 2008

openSUSE 11.1 Beta Trial

The installation was much faster than any installation that I've experienced with Ubuntu, just as Fred A. Miller attested in an email to me. There are no problems with hardware detection, as far as I'm concerned.

I was greeted with "No repositories defined" when I started the Software Management console, and had to manually enable the repositories using the Software Repositories console.

The option to set the root password was either missing or it wasn't noticeable enough, such that I missed it. I had to manually change the root password using the commandline interface.

It took me a full five minutes just to resolve these issues.

There was the "error in the repository initialization. 'repo-oss': Repository not Cached" problem, caused by unreliable default official servers. So then, I had to keep on hitting the retry button in the Online Update console. It's been almost a year and the openSUSE servers are still as bad as ever. The Ubuntu servers never give me such problems.

Another error popped up after that:

"There was an error in the repository initialization.
'repo-oss': Failed to cache repo (4).
- 'repo2solv.sh' '-o' '/var/cache/zypp/solv/repo-oss/solv' '/var/cache/zypp/raw/repo-oss'
Bad dependency line: 756546: =Req: kdelibs3

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe"

rm -fr /var/cache/zypp/ solved the problem. This was probably caused by the unreliable servers.

The menu system seems Mac-like (I'm trained to use Macs too) and it gives me a sissy feeling. But never mind that, cos it's merely cosmetic.

I haven't done much of a test-drive but I did give it a brief exploring here and there. Overall, it seems like an impressive Linux distribution but due to the multitude of stumbling blocks (similar to the Fedora experience) inherent in this distribution, I wouldn't recommend it to newbies.

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