29 December 2007

Tip on Urinary Tract Infections

Miss Anonymous, who has been kind enough to allow me to post this tip of hers on this blog, has this to say about UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections):

"Sorry for joining the party late but I suffered from chronic UTIs for about 4 years and now I don't get them much at all, this is what happened: I did the low dose antibiotic thing for ages, all it did was give me thrush and didn't prevent them at all. Cranberry, Ural, none of that worked. I got to know my bladder very well, every little twinge and stuff :/

I went and got surgery from a specialist urologist because i had polyps in my bladder that were nice little places for the bacteria to grow in, that seemed to fix it up for a while, but about a year later it was back in force again :/

I went to a local free, anonymous STD clinic out of pure desperation and asked a very warm lovely knowledgeable woman there who suggested peeing after sexual activity and going off the pill to see if that would help...and it did! Now I religiously go to the bathroom after and haven't been on the pill for quite a few years and I get the occasional twinge at times but I can always relate it back to the snoozing off after or sometimes on hot days if I haven't had enough to drink.

But yeah, good luck! And feel free to contact me with any questions off list or whatever, I consider myself a somewhat battle-scarred veteran of the UTI wars!"

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