31 December 2007

Joke - The Smartest

Three men were walking through a park when they suddenly came upon a river. "I wonder how we are going to cross this river?" said one man.

Then a genie appeared before them and said,"I will grant you each one wish so you can cross the river."

The first man said,"I want some strong muscles!" Poof! he had strong muscles! He began to swim across the river but nearly drowned half way.

The second man, seeing this mistake wished for strong muscles AND wood. He built himself a raft. He too attempted to cross the river but half way through, his raft sank and he had to swim the rest of the way.

The third man, seeing these two mistakes thought for a while. "Hmmm...Aha! I wish to be a woman!" Poof! He had turned into a woman!

The woman pulled out a map, located the nearest bridge on it, and hiked about 5 feet to it and crossed it.

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