21 May 2007

Video Dimensions (Part II)

Previously, I spoke about video dimensions.

Here's a fine example of a video that was encoded with the wrong dimensions.

Obviously, the heads of the people appear to be stretched vertically. One would have to wonder if it's because they're pulling long faces. :-)

To prove my point, I resized one of the screenshots to a 16:9 ratio with The Gimp, the photo (extreme right) looked just fine after that.

What went wrong? The video had been encoded with dimensions 720 x 480 when it was meant to be a widescreen video. Evidently, the person who encoded it adopted the original 720 x 480 DVD size and did not resize it when he should have done so. It's sad, but on the brighter side of things, of all the videos encoded in Japan that I've come across, this is the only video that has a major flaw. ;-)

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