28 November 2010

Bra with Faulty Underwire Revived

There was this bra which was fine except for faulty underwires. I managed to extract the underwires using a pair of pliers without damaging the fabric.

The bra can now be worn again, as a non-underwired bra. :-)

Many years ago, I saw an old Australian man in a toy repair shop, sewing up a damaged doll fervently. The odd thing was, the shop was located in a premium district, right in the heart of Brisbane. On closer observation, I noticed that the shop was quite old, meaning it had been around for a long time. Now, how on earth does this gentleman manage to earn anything??? Surely, nowadays, it would be much cheaper to buy a doll off the shelves instead of repairing it?

On my train ride home, I pondered about it.....and finally, I realised something. Those dolls, toys or whatever, may be antiques or they may carry some sentimental value. In other words, in the eyes of their owners, the dolls were unique and irreplaceable. In the case of a doll bearing sentimental value, even if you manage to obtain a similar doll and offered it to the owner, she wouldn't take up your offer - she would still stick to her old ragged doll.

The doll owners weren't simply engaging the old man for his sewing or repair skills - he was definitely providing something much more than that.

This is something which evil and inhuman $in-gaporean reptilians will never understand.


$ingaporean said...

Do you know how to fix a ruptured anus? I need your help!!!!!!!!

Pashupati said...

"Surely, nowadays, it would be much cheaper to buy a doll off the shelves instead of repairing it?"
Some people are collectors.
I won't buy an iPhone if I can have Lisa.

Pashupati said...

Surely, it was a bad comparison.
I would say I won't buy a MacBook if I can have a Lisa.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Well, dolls are one thing, computers are another. Putting the two side by side is like comparing apples to oranges.

Pashupati said...

Actually, Apple and Orange have similar politics. :D

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Nah, they're of different classes.

Perhaps anuses and apples might be a better analogy.