07 September 2010

Whiners & Gurus

In today's world, we often get overwhelmed by the torrent of complaints that come our way in whatever we do.

There are people who are genuinely concerned with big issues that will bring about serious consequences, but then there are also whiners ($in-gaporeans fit this profile perfectly) who are obsessed with every minute detail, not because they have everyone's interest at heart, but because they want everything done according to their whims and fancies - it also gives them a boost to their overblown egos cos they think they're showing others how "smart" they are in pointing out the "flaws" of others. Let's face it. No one decision will ever please these whiners, cos they'll never stop whining.

My advice: Listen only to those who don't whine 24/7, on almost everything - chances are, they're warning about "pearl harbour".

Twice is enough to set the alarm bells ringing if it's a serious issue, and I won't waste any more "ammunition" firing warning shots.

To the untrained eye, there is no difference between one who informs developers of a serious system security issue and a whiner who whines about control buttons being placed "on the left when they should be on the right". But really, no one gives a damn as to what ordinary laymen think of me.

If there's any whiner reading this now, you must be fuming with rage by now. Well, your attention-seeking antics haven't gotten you anywhere. You've got to bring something relevant and substantial to the table before people start listening to you. But you can't do that, cos you lack even basic IT skills.

One cannot be an auditor unless he is an accounting expert. It's not surprising though, that I find so many "auditors" out there in $in-gapore who don't even know the fundamentals of accounting. It's also not surprising to find pastors who preach things that are contrary to the Word of God.

Complaining and picking on others without knowing a thing - it's a typical $in-gaporean behaviour.

You may continue doing what you're doing, but you'll only fool imbeciles like yourself.


Pashupati said...

You should check your MyBlogLog profile.
Your RSS fluxing or whatever back here is really old.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Well, so am I. :-)