01 May 2010

My "New" ATI HD 3450 Series Graphics Card

It's not really a new card but one that was re-sold to me, cos the owner in Wales has no use for it. This card speeds things up considerably when I'm playing 3D games and editing photos. For around US$20 more, I could have gotten a better card with twice the RAM, but I'd decided that this was good enough for me.

I am still waiting for my brand new RAM from Spain, which will bring my total system RAM to 3GB.

Today, I decided to replace my semi-faulty speakers of more than 10 years, so I placed an order for a set of Chinese speakers that supposedly consume only 6 watts, but can produce fantastic sound. The cost? Only slightly over US$20. No more bulky speakers with a gigantic subwoofer for me! I'm looking forward to less power consumption. :-)

The cost for the RAM and speakers has been covered by proceeds from sales of used clothing today. I've still got some spare change in my pocket......

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