09 March 2010


Van Tomiko need only move her arms, and sway her body to have me mesmerised. I could stare at her for hours.....

$in-gaporeans have different tastes and get mesmerised by other things.....

Oh well, to each his own. I respect their love for people who do things like "ah gua hand wave" (I didn't say that!), even though they curse me for being a simple person who has "Japanese trash" (Japanese people who listen to J-Pop and not Beethoven) as friends. As I speak, many $in-gapore $luts are probably bad-mouthing Japanese babes, calling them sluts and such. Yes, I love Japanese "sluts". You can't blame me. I certainly do not possess the "class" that the $in-gaporeans' bandit ancestors had. As I once said, one cannot buy class.

I have no interest whatsoever in "high-class" stuff, so I guess I'm going off to view my favourite Do As Infinity video now. It won't stop the bandits' descendants from trying to change me, but it'll certainly make me happy.

Bye bye for now. *Ah kua hand wave* \o/

1 comment:

Tyler Durden said...

Everytime $in-gaporean $luts open their bloody mouths to malign others, I smell stinking dog's breath! Gimme money I oso dun wan ar!!! Tell them to hor gao gan lah!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!