26 March 2010

Lots of Hot Hong Kong Babes!

A photo of a few friends on facebook. Wow! *Speechless*


Jim said...

Indeed they are a hot lot, perhaps with the mild exception to the girl in the very front left. Still, I would not say no to any of them really.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

The one on the front left is a babe, as much as the rest are. She doesn't look very good in this photo though.

Jim said...

They are gorgeous, I'll take your word for miss front left.

Several of them look like they have dyed their hair a red-brown colour. Is that the case? And why? Chinese girls have such beautiful flowing black hair usually.

Wei-Yee Chan said...

>They are gorgeous, I'll take
>your word for miss front left.

Thanks. Yea, trust me - she's good-looking. I'm known as a good judge when it comes to assessing girls. That's why I often say, "$in-gapore $luts are ugly - even when I'm drunk!"

>Several of them look like
>they have dyed their hair
>a red-brown colour. Is that
>the case? And why?

I dunno...I haven't asked any of them. They're probably just following what the Japanese do.

>Chinese girls have such
>beautiful flowing black hair

Yea, I love black too. :-)

But as long as they look good, it doesn't matter to me what colour their hair is.