06 March 2010

Cook Your Puny Brain With iPhone!

tawkon monitors and analyzes your mobile phone radiation so you can “talk on” as usual and receive smart prompts to avoid radiation just when you need to. tawkon achieves this with RRI™ (Real-time Radiation Indication) patent-pending technology that collects and analyzes your phone’s dynamic SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels, location, environmental conditions and phone usage at any given moment. RRI leverages iPhone’s unique capabilities including GPS, accelerometer and proximity sensors to help minimize radiation exposure.

Tawkon measures the radiation spewing from your iPhone. Is there any wonder why Apple doesn’t approve of it?

"A few weeks ago stealth Israeli startup Tawkon gave me a sneak-peak developer build of what I believe is the most important app on my iPhone. What does it do? It analyzes the cellular radiation your iPhone emits at any given moment, at any given location, whether in standby mode, or within a call.

Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, that’s where Israeli hardware and software engineering prowess come into play (more on that in a second). Sadly, Israeli military training may have met its match . . . the infamous iPhone App Store approval process."


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