24 February 2010

Typical $in-gaporean "Workers"

Only in $in-gapore....

"Was having lunch today. Guess what I observed? (waiter/waitress all wearing black in a restaurant at Yishun, talking chitchatting, but serving customers.)
locals vs. foreigners debate never ends in Singapore.

Did you notice in the video the 3 waitress/waiter behind talking almost throughout our lunch, while one waiter doing the run-around, taking orders, serving customers, collecting bills, etc.

Later while paying the bills at the cashier, found out that the 3 lazy birds are local, while the hard working guy is from China.

While I hate to see so many foreign talents in our land, I can understand why the govt need to do so, by just watching this video, will give you a very valid pointer.

The need for foreign workers cannot be under-estimated.".

I've seen worse - much worse than that. If they were of the typical demonS-possessed sort (who are very common in $in-gapore), they would have:

1. Made the Chinese national do most of the work all of the time while taking all the credit;
2. Found fault in everything he did;
3. Barked at him, and humiliated him in the presence of customers with made-up facts;
4. Blamed every single mistake they made on him;
5. Gone around telling everyone that the Chinese national idolizes them when the opposite is true, in order to mislead others into thinking that they're great;
6. Uttered gibberish (due to their inability to form proper sentences, even in their own mother tongues) and expected him to immediately understand; and
7. Spread lies about him if he resigned. They'd be in big trouble as there would be no one else to do the work.

I'm not siding with any race or religion. If I were, I would have suppressed that video. For those $in-gaporean "Chinese" who all too eager to turn this into a racial issue, then may I suggest that they look in their own backyard first.

See, I'm the real McCoy - they're not. Yea, yea, it's the real thang. :P

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Tyler Durden said...

Ang mohs are the best!!!!!!!!